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Places to buy things for your special chinnie!

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Please let me know about any vendors that I don't have up here that you have enjoyed purchasing chin supplies from in the past.  If you live in Tucson, I can provide chinchilla supplies.  Go to the online Chinstore for more information!  Thank you to all of you who have let me know about your favorite chin vendors. 

I have a lot of what you need for your chins, visit my CHINSTORE for more info.   I have hay, feed, toys and custom items that can be made to your specifications!

                        Food and Hay Vendors:                              

American Pet Diner - This vendor sells the absolute best Timothy hay.  Our chinnies think that APD hay is candy, they LOVE it!  They sell good alfalfa hay and Timothy hay cubes.  Also, they have been selling a new chinchilla diet, we haven't used it - so I can't make any comments on how chins like it.   I always recommend using the Mazuri chinchilla diet - we've always had very good results from feeding it to your chins.  The people at APD has always been wonderful to deal with, I highly recommend their hay and their customer service! 

                        Cage Vendors: 

Da Mar's Equipment Company - Da Mar's makes excellent quality pet cages that are fairly inexpensive.  They can modify a cage from their catalog or make any custom cage that you want!  I love their 24" x 24" x 18" ferret cage with a 1/2" x 1/2" floor and slide out pan!  You can get shelves or cage "set-in" pans instead of slide out pans. 
Klubertanz Equipment Company, Inc. - Klubertanz carries cages and other pet supplies.

                        Toys and Playcenters:

Timali & Co.

Timali and Co. Rabbit Toys - Very nice toys that are safe for chins and other small animals.  They have some wonderful play centers that chinchillas love!!  We sell Timali and Co products at AZ Chins and on our online Chinstore.

                        Chinnie Gifts:

Cheeky Chinchillas Shop - Chinchilla gifts and merchandise.

Chinnitude - This is a great place for all sorts of chinchilla gifts, collectibles and clothing. 
Chin Fluff and Stuff - Online store for chinchilla merchandise.

                        Custom Chinnie Portrait Paintings:

Custom Chin Portraits

For information on having a custom painting of your chinchila please email Kristina at   She paints wonderful chinnie portraits from photographs or even digital pictures, you just need a clear shot of the chinchilla's face and she will do the rest.  Please email her for pricing information.  Also, she sells her artwork through eBay under the name tkasheta.

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