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Daily Chin Care Checklist
Chinnie things that need to be done every day!

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These things to do are divided up into morning and evening tasks!  Also, there are a couple of miscellaneous tasks that can be done anytime (well, whenever your chins allow).

                        Morning Tasks (first thing in the morning):

                                   Check on chins!!  (I always sing them a morning song.)
                                   Fill up food bowl with chinnie pellets after emptying out soiled food, clean bowl if necessary.
                                   Check level in waterbottle, fill up if necessary.
                                   Give out alfalfa hay cubes, if necessary.
                                   Clean out any soiled or wet hay from cage floors.
                                   Make sure to restock the cage with chew toys if your chin has destroyed them all.  

                        Evening Tasks (last thing at night):

                                   Check on chins before bed!!
                                   Fill up bowl with fresh pellets, clean up bowl as necessary.
                                   Give out a handful of Timothy hay for each chinchilla.
                                   Make sure the waterbottle has enough water for the night.
                                   Clean up wet or soiled hay or toys from cage.
                                   Give your chins enough chew toys to last through the night!


                                   Playtime for 30 minutes or more.  Whenever your chin wants to play!
                                   Treat time!  Only one shredded wheat, rosehip, or other healthy treat a day, no more than that!  
                                   Clean up any chinchilla messes outside of their cages.
                                   Give chinnies their dustbaths, if they need them.

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Last Update:  11-27-02
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